The Lives of Carl Atman

The Lives of Carl Atman, by Morris Walker

Each soul’s journey through life on planet earth is an ultimate adventure. The greater picture of the billions of lives and these stories are a cosmic phenomenon we can never comprehend in this life. But along with our God-given intuition and creative power, we can imagine. And in all our lives, we learn at one point or another that there is inner guidance available for us if we merely tune in. I told someone that I had written a book about reincarnation. She asked, “Is it fiction?” And the only answer I could find for her was, “That’s a good question.” I have written books, short stories, essays, articles, songs, poems and countless scripts and comedy routines. The Lives of Carl Atman is a book that I have been wanting to write for years, maybe for lifetimes. I was inspired by the observable cycles of life that ebb and flow all around us throughout our lives and I felt compelled to write this story. My hope above all else, is that you enjoy the journey.