Forty Days Off Facebook

Forty Days Off Facebook: A Pivotal Journey, by Ryan G. Beale

Death, divorce and dysfunction were ripping apart author Ryan Beale's life and tormenting his fragile state of mind. During one random evening while he sat reflecting in his downtown Chicago apartment he decided to set a goal for himself: to hit the master reset button in his life. However, he had one seemingly innocent distraction that kept him from confronting the wounds that were breaking his heart and mind. The next forty days, which started as a therapeutic experiment, turned into a monumental life-changing experience. Ryan challenges himself to look deeper within his being than ever before. He keeps a detailed account of the roller coaster of emotions that he wrestles with throughout this forty-day journey, one that ultimately (and first, unknowingly) leads him to begin living the life he had always dreamed of. The true account of this young man's personal struggle will move readers and empower them to reflect in ways that will open their minds to a sense of potential renewal within their own lives.

Ryan G. Beale is a creative entrepreneur with a deep passion for writing and socially positive ventures. He graduated from Michigan State University where he restarted the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and competed in the first ever Big 10 Tae Kwon Do conference, representing MSU. Ryan moved out to Chicago after college with the hope to follow his dream of writing. After discovering that he would have to wait until the following year to start his schooling, Ryan went back to the world he knew. At twenty-three, he opened his own commercial real-estate company based in downtown Chicago. He officially founded and launched in 2007, a family centric communication site that is focused on helping to improve (and heal) the family dynamic. After tragically losing his brother, Ryan returned home to the Detroit area in early 2011. In 2012, Ryan and his wife (the “lady friend” that he met during his forty-day experiment) decided to evade their planned wedding and ran toward their dream and were married on top of Mt. Zion in the old city of Jerusalem. In his spare time when Ryan is not writing, developing creative ventures or teaching martial arts, you may catch him on his boat, riding his motorcycle or enjoying spending quality time with his wife and his Old English Sheepdog, Jack.