The Path of the DreamHealer

The Path of the DreamHealer: My Journey Through the Miraculous World of Energy Healing, by Adam. The Path of the DreamHealer introduces the incredible healing techniques of a boy named Adam, who has been named “The Miracle Worker” by the International press. Adam is your everyday twenty-year-old college student living in Canada. The only thing different about Adam is that he has the power to heal people—and can do so from across a continent. For the thousands of people who have already been healed by Adam, this is not a curious phenomenon, but the very definition of hope.

Adam is an energy healer: He can read your aura and see where energy is blocked in your body. Through his healing gift, he is able to direct that energy toward healing. He has been the subject of feature articles in Rolling Stone, the Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail. He has already written two previous bestsellers in Canada, including DreamHealer, which is about his early life as a healer, and DreamHealer 2, which explains how he uses energy to heal. The Path of the DreamHealer continues the story of the last four years of his healing journey and brings a new understanding of how anyone can participate in this process. Like Talking to Heaven, Quantum Healing, and The Adventures of a Psychic, The Path of the DreamHealer is a unique and powerful book that will inspire countless others to find the power to heal—themselves and others—from within.