DreamHealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings

DreamHealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings, by Adam. DreamHealer was originally self-published by Adam when he was sixteen, and has gone on to become an underground bestseller, selling more than 30,000 copies in Canada. The book tells the story of how the author came to discover his unique energy healing abilities, and how he became one of the most talked about healers in his country. He has been called “a miracle worker”by The Globe and Mail and his high-profile healings of astronauts and rock legends have catapulted him into standing-room-only events and consistent national media. DreamHealer is a story of both his coming to terms with his healing gift at such a young age, and his remarkable healings of people with myriad health concerns. His writing is inspirational and enlightening, and his insights into healing offer hope to anyone.

Hope is a dire need in our present world of turmoil threatened with war, fear, terrorism, and economic downturn. Adam transmits this hope. He is exceptional for his 16 years of age and wise beyond his years and has a special gift for healing. This book portrays the truth on the ultimate healing with love. Everyone, with no exceptions needs to read this book. Each person can learn a great deal from his honest messages. Adam’s growth and approach are methodically portrayed and interestingly includes some scientific correlations and analogies. I have the distinct privilege of being one of Adam’s mentors, teachers and friends, so I have closely followed his development with extreme interest. Adam’s life has a remarkable balance because not only has Adam become a very talented healer, but also an "A" student in his regular studies in school, and a top ranking athlete in many sports. As well, his family is most loving and supportive. Therefore, the energy that he emanates in his healing is untroubled, pure and fresh. As part of my own interest, and as an appointee by the President of the United States to the 20 member White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP), I have observed innumerable international healers. Adam is amongst the most gifted ones in his field of healing. In addition, with over 40 years of experience in healing and teaching, one learns to discern the levels of spiritual-ness in healing. Adam reflects a level of honesty and truth that is of the purist form. There is a serious challenge too in his life. Adam having always had the ability to see and feel energy fields, naturally as though this was a normal everyday occurrence. However, upon revelation that this skill was highly unusual, he had to deal with this immense "difference". The phenomenon of seeing energy fields is known to the community of complementary and Alternative Medicine, but among the general population, it is still misunderstood. Adam, being so young, is taking a courageous stance to be willing to openly discuss his special healing skills and cases in this book. He is in the forefront of helping people understand that there is another dimension in life. He is also willing to subject his fine healing skills to the scrutiny of scientific research especially in the area of cancer and tumours. Adam, I will gladly assist you in making connections to accomplish that noble goal. Adam is a model of hope, that our youth of today can bring healing and thus peace to this troubled world. His book "DreamHealer" is a must read for everyone to enable all to have courage to be different and respect those who are different. He will enable us to maximize our own human potential to bring about a better world.