My Search In Tibet For the Secret Wish-Fulfilling Jewel

By Peter Mt. Shasta

My Search In Tibet

Author of such metaphysical classics as "I AM the Open Door" and the two volume autobiography, "Adventures of a Western Mystic," Peter Mt. Shasta here tells of his adventures in Tibet and the teachings that Saint Germain asked him to bring back to western students of esotericism.

The impetus for his journey came from an appearance by the Sixteenth Karmapa, regarded during his life as a living Buddha) in which he was told to seek a mythical Wish-Fulfilling Jewel. He was also told to visit the Karmapa's new reincarnation, a seventeen-year-old boy residing at Tsurphu Monastery. Once in Tibet, he is also given a mission by the Dalai Lama.

Peter has one adventure after another, in which he is forced to turn to the Ascended Master Saint Germain and his own I AM Presence. On the course of the journey his also learns many of the ancient teachings of Vajrayana Buddhism. It is through his adventures that Peter realizes the beauty and power of these ancient teachings that Saint Germain has asked him to share with the West.
Saint Germain explains that in the 1930s he gave the basic knowledge of the Masters and the I AM Presence to Godfre Ray King (author of Unveiled Mysteries), but that it is now time for those teachings to be expanded and deepened. It is on this journey to Tibet that Peter is given expanded teachings on the nature of mind, and how to invoke its hidden powers of transformation.