We Are God

We Are God, by Alexis Mohr

This beautifully written little treasure is more than just a teaching on love; it is filled with inspiring insights into the nature of transcendence, life, death, reincarnation, and the necessity of struggle. We Are God portrays all sentient life as consciousness that is impelled toward spiritual union with all that exists in the vast expanse of eternity and assures us that the path to union is transcendent love. We are not adrift in a savage world, forsaken by a fickle, reclusive deity. We are here on our own authority to experience and perfect love because it is our very nature to do so. And the first step in perfecting love is recognizing that what we think of as God is not other but you and I right here, right now. And as we cultivate our capacity to love ourselves, others and the planet we inhabit, we see that the very numinosity that we mistook for God is the radiance of our own eternal nature shining forth through our lives and reflected back to us in the lives of others. We are, in fact, that which we seek disguised in our own familiar forms. How we connect to our spiritual nature and our life purpose, how we incorporate them into our daily lives, and how we open our hearts to those around us are among the lessons in this wonderful little book, which pours forth from the very core or our own human heart.

Alexis Mohr has spent a lifetime contemplating the experience of the divine in everyday life. As a child she had several experiences which imbued her with a life-long curiosity about spiritual forces which underlie daily life, and prompted her to explore the religious life, starting with several forms of mainstream Christianity. Eventually, she came to believe that organized religion serves only to dampen our capacity and instinct to uncover our deepest potential. Believing that all truly spiritual journeys are solitary she explored many states of consciousness through meditation and fasting, and came to believe that what we think of as God and imagine to be external is, in fact, we ourselves. "We Are God" came into being as a series of stream-of-consciousness writings. Alexis describes it as a love letter from Us to Ourselves.