The Future of Spirituality

The Future of Spirituality: Why It Must Be Integral , by Ken Wilber

If the Buddha, Saint Teresa, or an enlightened shaman walked into the room today, would they find themselves in need of some serious spiritual catching up to do? The answer, says Ken Wilber, is yes. Human consciousness today is experiencing a burst of accelerating shifts, and as this landscape of knowledge grows, so does the potential of our own spiritual lives. What is the evidence for this upward spiral in our spiritual intelligence? And if it’s true, how do we experience these shifts directly, within ourselves? The Future of Spirituality presents this visionary and author in a series of in-depth dialogs on the profound ways that spirituality is evolving today—and why it matters to all of

Ken Wilber is one of the most influential and widely read American philosophers of our time. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages and include Integral Spirituality, Grace and Grit, and many others. Ken Wilber lives in Denver, Colorado.