Soul Signs

Soul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny, by Rosemary Altea.

Bestselling author, spiritual medium, and healer Rosemary Altea introduces a fascinating system of soul typing that reveals the dynamics of attraction

Which energy group do you belong to—the strategic and grounded Earth signs, passive and charming Air signs, compromising yet unstoppable Water signs, the ever-changing emotional Fire signs, or the destructive dark sign, Sulfur? Are you a strong-willed, emotionally driven, perfectionist Retrospective soul? A vivacious, radiant, quick-witted Bright Star soul? A thrill-seeking, romantic but fickle Traveler soul? What about your mate? By figuring out which elemental force drives you and your loved ones, and by understanding how energy flow determines your specific soul signs, you can use this knowledge to find your ideal soul mate, compatible helpmates, and a more focused, more balanced you.

In Soul Signs, Rosemary reveals basic truths about our souls including how they came to be, where they go when we die, and, most significant for success in our personal professional lives, how they interact with other souls during our stay on this earthly plane. Once you learn the inspiring science behind soul typing, you will travel on a fascinating journey of self-discovery along the way to divining your own unique spiritual destiny.