Three From Trevor Gollagher

Heart Resonance by Trevor Gollagher. $8.00 from
Angelic Encounters,Powerful Esoteric Knowledge, Divine Love Energy Transmissions, Your Spiritual Support Crew, New Chakra Energy Pathways, How to live a stress-free life and more …. All is revealed by Trevor Gollagher as he shares a sixteen-year journey of spiritual discovery that culminated in the release of a transformational healing energy system: ~ Heart Resonance ~

Path to Harmony - A Practical Guide to Happiness by Trevor Gollagher. $8.00 from
Through his warmth, compassion and understanding, Trevor Gollagher teaches us to live a life of love and happiness. A Path to Harmony offers practical insight into happiness in these times of planetary cahnge. This book conveys clear and simple information on the process of letting go of emotions and conditionings, thereby reinstating balance and harmony
Power of the Heart by Trevor Gollagher. $6.00 from
You have within you an enormous power, one of great love and beauty. This energy is empowering, energising and nurturing. This is the Power of the Heart As you move into the energy of the heart your life will be transformed. Stress levels drop, energy will increase, recovery from illness will speed up, and the overall quality of life will improve. This book will change your life.