The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues

The Aaron/Q'uo Dialogues: An Extraordinary Conversation between Two Spiritual Guides, by Barbara Brodsky and Carla L. Rueckert. Carla Rueckert’s previous writings in Secrets of the UFO (1976) and The Law of One series (1982) inspired many readers to submit transcripts of their own channeling material. One of those readers was the Buddhist teacher Barbara Brodsky, in whom Rueckert recognized a kindred spirit. Rueckert invited Brodsky to co-channel a conversation between their spirits, Aaron and Q’uo, and the result is this timely and compelling book. Developed from the transcripts of nine weekends of joint channeling, The Aaron-Q’uo Dialogues offers teachings from a “positive channeling” or “positive polarity” perspective. This perspective emphasizes, as Rueckert says, “living, thinking, and acting in service to others,” and avoiding the “negative polarity” of focusing exclusively on service to self. The Aaron-Q’uo Dialogues shows how fear—fear of being too human, fear of death and dying, fear of failing to change with the times—holds us back, limiting our full potential and enjoyment of life. Addressing questions from a wide range of spiritual seekers who attended these sessions, Aaron and Q’uo answer a host of fundamental questions for living with more awareness and compassion. With warmth and humor, these conversations offer the spiritual seeker a valuable template for living a life of selflessness and spiritual peace.

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Barbara Brodsky is a nationally known Buddhist teacher and founder of Deep Spring Center ( She lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Carla L. Rueckert is best known for her channeling of The Law of One, also called The Ra Material. She lives in Anchorage, Kentucky.

"I am struck by its sophistication and its lightness, its clarity and its beauty." - Ram Dass