Occupy the Moment: A Mindful Path to a New Economy

Occupy the Moment: A Mindful Path to a New Economy, by Rick Heller. A 99 cent book for the 99%! The Occupy Wall Street movement has arisen to give voice to the large number of Americans who are dissatisfied with the growing inequality in wealth and opportunity in the United States. Change is needed, and not just trimming around the edges.

Occupy the Moment lays out a path to a new economy based on the principles of Buddhist Economics pioneered by E. F. Schumacher in his book Small is Beautiful a generation ago. The new Buddhist economics is informed by neuroscience and behavioral economics, and is integrated with the practice of attention to the present moment known as mindfulness.

The current economic crisis is the result of the growth of a culture of greed over the last 30 years. While political action can help, greed is essentially a spiritual problem. In the Four Noble Truths, the Buddha described the causes of greed and a way to heal it through practices like mindfulness.

Occupy the Moment presents a set of meditation practices to show how to become mindful of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Mindfulness helps overcome greed by quieting the inner voice that tells us that what we have is not enough. When mindful, you find the present moment to be fresh and engaging. Happiness is within your reach right now.

Mindfulness as presented in Occupy the Moment is a secular practice suitable for people of all religious orientations, and is entirely consistent with mainstream academic science. By being more mindful, the 99% can change the culture from one that promotes greed to one that honors compassion. Occupy the Moment shows us how to do it.

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