Atlantis and the New Consciousness

Atlantis and the New Consciousness, by Stewart Wilson and Joanna Prentis. Using past life regression, Prentis and Wilson and a mutual friend return to previous lives on the lost continent of Atlantis. They provide a gripping description of their origins on the planet Sirius, arrival of Atlantis, the nature of Atlantean civilization, their healing abilities and what brought about the destruction of the continent.

This is a book that provides, through the use of deep hypnosis and past life regression, a fascinating look at daily life on the lost continent. And most startling, they make a definite correlation between the events of Atlantis and what is occurring now as we approach 2012. Will the same scenario be repeated?

Wilson and Prentis are long-time collaborators and among the foremost metaphysical researchers at work today. This is their fifth book with Ozark Mountain Publications. Two earlier volumes deal with their investigation into never-before revealed events and meaning in the lives of Jesus and Mary the Magdalene.

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