Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self

Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self, by Jaden Rose Phoenix. Feeling stuck in the human dimension? It's all in your head. Most seekers of expanded consciousness know what they'd like to manifest. Freedom from pain and illness, greater personal wealth, connected relationships, deeper contentment, these should come to us when we transcend reality and tap into the 'realm of all possibility', right? It turns out that what makes us uniquely human-our giant brains-blocks our access to the universe beyond human. Seeking control, having to know everything, demanding results, these are brain-fed barriers to navigating dimensions that have no limits. Jaden Phoenix gets us out of our heads and into our heart space. Suddenly enlightenment isn't about perfection, expectations or demands, but about letting go, trusting, and allowing the universe to work through you. You'll discover: • Basic tools and skills for navigating consciousness • Simple strategies for bypassing your doubts, fears and negative thinking • A breakthrough holographic model for creating the life you want • Tools that supercharge your life with power and energy • The point of power where intent creates miracles • The beauty of the deep, magical space "beyond human."

Jaden Rose Phoenix, internationally respected master teacher and alchemist, is founder of Alchemy Wisdom, a healing arts center focused on creating life-changing transformation for clients. A student of ancient and modern alchemy and consciousness technologies, her workshops and classes are prized for their simple, down-to-earth approach to exploring and harnessing the potential of consciousness. Click here for more information or to order.