2012: Biography of a Time Traveler: The Journey of Jose Arguelles

2012: Biography of a Time Traveler: The Journey of Jose Arguelles, by Stephanie South with a foreward by Daniel Pinchbeck. What if someone told you that you were living in the wrong time and that the unparalleled catastrophes of the world were largely due to an erroneous perception of time? Would you believe it? 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler is the authorized biography of Jose Arguelles, the man who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into mass consciousness with The Mayan Factor. The initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987, Arguelles is also the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.

Following a life-changing vision at age 14, atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, Arguelles began a lifelong journey to discover the underlying mathematics and prophecies associated with the Mayan calendar. 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler is an engaging journey through the inner and outer realms of this visionary. As the story unfolds, you will follow Arguelles through many startling synchronicities and transformations of consciousness. Through his epic saga, you may see that every detail of your own life is also precisely designed, down to the most seemingly mundane circumstance.

By uncovering the Mayan codes, Arguelles discovered the telepathic nature of time. He also realized that the human species is living in artificial time, which is disrupting its planetary environment and destroying its civilization. This book sheds light on the crisis our planet is undergoing today and offers clues about how we can realign with natural time to make a peaceful transition on December 21, 2012.