The Essence of Tantric Sexuality

The Essence of Tantric Sexuality, by Mark A. Michaels and Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson have written a modern and comprehensive book that celebrates the sacredness of the body (and desire) within the Hindu Tantric tradition, one which aims to dispel remnants of our Puritan past that define many natural activities of our daily life, including sexual activity and desire, in negative terms. Based upon the teachings of Dr. Jonn Mumford, their book is much more than an erotic sex manual-though, it is that, too! The authors explain the Tantric philosophy and its principles, demystify it for beginners, and offer authentic exercises and techniques that will help turn your every moment of pleasure into an opportunity to experience the divine.

Award-Winner in the Health: Sexuality category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards. Award-Winning Finalist in the Religion: Eastern Religions category of the National Best Books 2007 Awards.