Fearless Love: The Answer to the Problem of Human Existence

Fearless Love: The Answer to the Problem of Human Existence, by Gary Renard. Fearless love is the key to realizing heaven on earth, teaches Gary Renard. Why? Because fearless love allows you to fully experience who you really are and rediscover your connection with the divine. Now, this bestselling author and contemporary teacher of A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace, 2007) offers Fearless Love, a practical audio program to help listeners remember what it's like to be God, or love itself. This insightful two-CD program complete with guided meditations and visualizations available nowhere else teaches how to: Shift your mind's subconscious projector from seeing your reality as the effect instead of the cause. Turn any human existence challenge into an opportunity for deeper communion with the divine through fearless love. Amplify the power of love and forgiveness to melt away worry, fear, and guilt. Live a life where suffering is impossible, love is everywhere, and truth is all there is. Jesus, Buddha, and other wisdom masters understood how to love unconditionally and reminded us that this is in fact our natural state of being. On Fearless Love, Gary Renard invites listeners to courageously unlearn the habits of the ego and experience life like the great spiritual masters in eternal harmony with all of humanity and God.