Soul Communication

Soul Communication: Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment, by Zhi Gang Sha. Soul Communication is a practical guide to some of the simplest yet most profound spiritual development exercises that Dr. Zhi Gang Sha teaches on national television and in his teleclasses, workshops, and appearances. It presents Dr. Sha's instruction on how to allow the inner essence of our soul to express through our bodies, our voices, and in our communication with others - not only with our fellow human beings, but also with other souls, including our own soul. The power of the soul is vast and untapped. Dr. Sha reveals many ancient secrets for accessing this power, while at the same time updating these teachings for our modern world. Soul Communication is a primer for those on the spiritual path, showing the reader how to relate to the soul, and open up all the available channels for the wisdom and blessings of the soul to pour forth into daily living. A warm and heartfelt offering from Dr. Sha, the wisdom in this volume is presented in conversational language that makes profound spiritual insight simple and accessible.