Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror

Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror, by Woody Hochswender. Five years ago, journalist and practicing Buddhist Woody Hochswender co-authored a book on Buddhism that focused on the teachings of Nichiren, a 13th-century Japanese monk who has become the spiritual teacher for more than 20 million Buddhists worldwide. That book, which is in its 10th printing and has sold more than 80,000 copies, was such a resounding success that Hochswender has written an insightful new work—at once a follow-up to the previous volume and a freestanding work of its own. A new breath of inspiration, The Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror speaks to the spiritual yearnings so many of us have amid the hustle and flux of contemporary life.

The book is a sophisticated but accessible introduction to Buddhism as well as an in-depth study of Buddhism in the Samurai period. Hochswender again focuses on the philosophy of Nichiren and applies its principles to everyday issues ranging from health to careers to family problems. The Buddha in Your Rearview Mirror is both cogent and compelling—informative history and inspiring self-help. Ideal for the novice or veteran Buddhist, the book will resonate with anyone interested in concrete methods for tapping into their own highest potential or enlightened self.

A former reporter for the New York Times and a senior editor of Esquire, WOODY HOCHSWENDER is a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, and magazines as varied as Vogue, Rolling Stone, Elle, and Martha Stewart Living. He has appeared on many TV shows, has lectured widely on Buddhism, and has written three previous books. He lives in Sharon, Connecticut.