Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven

Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven, by Kiara Windrider and Grace Sears. On a trip to India’s Golden City, psychotherapist Kiara Windrider discovered that enlightenment — whether called Christ consciousness or that experienced by Buddha — is not based on a particular teaching, morality, or effort, but is in fact a neurobiological process. Under the guidance of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, he learned that over time, humans developed a membrane that separates their individuality from the collective consciousness. Deeksha — the transfer of enlightened energy from person to person — begins to puncture this membrane, allowing humans to experience oneness and divine grace. In Deeksha, Windrider describes his journey to enlightenment, and explains how readers can experience it as well — and how they can pass the gift on to other seekers. The book also includes seven case studies of others who have experienced deeksha, an interview with Bhagavan, and two essays on the science of deeksha.