Tree Angel Oracle

Tree Angel Oracle, by Fred Hageneder. Book and deck from Findhorn Press. The trees are listening! There are two types of angels—those with wings, and those with leaves. For thousands of years, those seeking advice or wanting to give thanks to Mother Nature have walked well-trodden paths into the sacred woodland groves. Because sacred groves have become increasingly scarce today—with even single trees of great age in a tranquil spot difficult to find when we need them—this tree oracle is offered to bring the tree angels closer to us once again. The Tree Angel Oracle is 36 illustrated cards with written guidance in the included book. Each card depicts a particular species of tree. The illustrations of the tree angels bring them into the reader’s presence. By coming to stillness, the cards’ magic can move us profoundly, so that we may feel the tree angels themselves.

In the accompanying text, sound folklore wisdom and esoteric tradition combine with a deep inner understanding of various species of trees. We are given a clear reflection of the blessings being sent to us by each individual tree angel. Experiencing the angelic spirits through The Tree Angel Oracle can enrich our lives and help us to rediscover our true connection to trees.

Fred Hageneder is a harpist, graphic designer, and artist whose passion for trees started in his teens. He has composed music for The Celtic Tree Circle, and painted tree portraits, many of which appear in The Spirit of Trees (Floris Books, 2000). Born in Hamburg, he now lives in the Cotswolds, England.