The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene, by Claire Nahmad and Margaret Bailey. Discovered in fragments in Egypt in 1945, the Gospel of Mary remains one of the most controversial, misunderstood texts from early Christianity. Mary’s teachings are presented in this translation from the original Greek and Coptic for which the authors utilized "inner listening" to uncover lost material; the teachings appear as a dialogue between the (risen) Savior and his disciples, and — most importantly — a description by Mary of special revelations given to her by Jesus. The book argues that Mary was not just the consort of Christ but the feminine Christ herself, the sacred female expression of the Godhead, purposely made into a harlot by the orthodox Church for centuries. In the authors' view, the partnership between Jesus and Mary exemplifies the crucial balance of male and female in spiritual and corporeal life. The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene uncovers a rich subtext in Mary's words that offers wisdom on an extraordinary range of concerns, from the origins of the human race to the pathway to Christ like consciousness for contemporary readers.