Tibetan Magic & Mysticism

Tibetan Magic & Mysticism, by J.H. Brennan. great esoteric tradition developed in the Himalayan shadows of the Tibetan plateau, this unique culture investigated the mysteries of mind and magic to a degree never before attempted. Tibetan Magic and Mysticism presents this body of techniques, based partly on Tibetan Buddhist practice and partly on shamanic Bšn (the aboriginal religion of Tibet). This revised and expanded version of J. H. Brennan's Occult Tibet features authentic Tibetan magical practices, including light trance states to recall past lives; manipulation of energies via sound, rhythm, chanting, and drumming; and the spiritual practice of dream yoga. The result of years of research, Tibetan Magic and Mysticism brings the ancient magical techniques of Tibet to the magicians of the West. J. H. Brennan is the acclaimed author of over 90 books, both fiction and non-fiction. He resides in County Carlow, Ireland with his wife and ten cats.