Oracle of the Illuminati: Contact, Co-Creation, Coincidence

Oracle of the Illuminati: Contact, Co-Creation, Coincidence, by William Henry. An illustrationpacked interpretation of ancient gateway stories of the Illuminati, including new and important discoveries about, the creation of crop circles, the language of light, the secrets that Jesus, Leonardo and Salvador Dali shared, how nanotechnology will help build the New Atlantis, how the human body shares the design of the Ark of the Covenant, how Mayan, Egyptian, and Sumerian serpent symbolism hold the secrets of wormholes All of these ancient tales of oracles and secret codes feature advanced technology for raising of spiritual vibration and increasing our body’s innate healing ability. William Henry is an investigative mythologist and author whose specialty is the Ladder to God, Scala Dei, which he interprets on six different levels: historical, cosmological, symbolic/metaphorical, mythological/allegorical, anatomical, and technological.