Jesus, Last King of Kashmir: Life After the Crucifixion

Jesus, Last King of Kashmir: Life After the Crucifixion, by Suzanne Olsson. This book will shock you, amaze you, anger you, and help you to see clearly the ancestry and life of a man named Jesus, how he survived the crucifixion, and has a tomb in Kashmir. If he survived the crucifixion, he certainly became one of history's most elusive men to track down, but why? The author spent many years following the same steps Jesus walked on the Old Silk Road. In ten countries, and at the height of wars and conflicts, she survived and returned with amazing new information, artifacts, and proofs about the ancient ties between religions east and west. She establishes new links between Abraham, Sarah, and Brahma, Sarasvati, and between Abraham, Ishmael, the Arabs, and Isaac. She even located the real geneology of the Buddha, who had Hebrew grandparents, which explains the profound similarities between Christianity and Buddhism.

She provides pictures, and maps to show the locations of the graves, and begs scholars to urgently continue the research. But the true story of Jesus' kingship,' and events that led to his crucifixion, evolved around a certain 'Rod of Moses' that Joseph carried into Egypt. This rod was described in the "Book of the Bee" as stolen from James by Judas Iscariot, an event that probably led directly to the crucifixion..Olsson actually found this Rod in Kashmir, complete with a document describing its history. Such new information will put this book high on scholars' lists of research data for years to come.

She was on the very eve of collecting the DNA from these tombs, DNA that could then be compared with the Shroud of Turin, or with you or me. She received worldwide recognition for her efforts, but the project broke down at the very last minute. Her adventures are a mixture of fun, and sheer terror, as she hid in the mountains from Taliban, or crossed blood-filled streets after bombing, or hid in tombs guarded by misled and misinformed militants. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, India, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, and back to the Himalayas, she followed every lead, trekked to every remote and dangerous outpost, to find obscure and nearly lost information. Every page is a goldmine of new information , presented in bold new ways you could never have imagined before.