God Doesn't Have Bad Hair Days

God Doesn't Have Bad Hair Days, by Pam Grout. This gem of a book presents God as a positive life force that, when tapped, can send our lives spinning in an exciting new direction. It explains how spiritual "experiments" work, and provides concrete instructions for using these principles to improve one's life. Ten spiritual concepts are introduced, with a suggested 48-hour experiment to prove each one. Some examples of these principles are: 1) There's a power and force in the universe that can heal; 2) Your thoughts create your reality; and 3) By directing your mind, you can create more abundance, joy, and love in your life. Written in a conversational, contemporary voice, God Doesn't Have Bad Hair Days will appeal to the spiritual believer who's a fan of such bestsellers as The Prayer of Jabez and Simple Abundance, as well as to the spiritually curious who seek fulfillment outside traditional Christian denominations. The spiritual skeptic, too, will be drawn to this attractive book and its cheeky, no-nonsense tone. Pam Grout is the author of several books, and her articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Family Circle, Outside, and other publications. She lives in Kansas.