The Fairytale Tarot

The Fairytale Tarot, by Karen Mahony, Alex Ukolov, and Irena Triskova (Illustrator). Combines the magic of fairy tale and divination in a deck offering new breadth and depth to card readings. The Fairytale Tarot presents classics like Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, and Puss-in-Boots and remarkable, yet less familiar, adventures in a readers' tarot that’s stunningly rich and brightly textured. International in perspective and universal in its implications, the Fairytale Tarot is an important contribution to the world of tarot and cartomancy. Karen Mahony founded baba studio with Alex Ukolov in 2002. Their work has since appeared in numerous design magazines and New Age publications in the USA and Europe. Karen has also published many articles on both tarot and design. Irish by origin, she currently lives in Prague. Irena Triskova is an established artist and illustrator whose popular work has been widely exhibited throughout the Czech Republic. Alex Ukolov is an artist and designer specializing in traditional Russian styles and techniques. He has also taught decorative miniature painting. Originally from the Crimea, he lives in Prague, where he runs baba studio with Karen Mahony.