The Faery Garden

The Faery Garden, by Beatrice Phillpotts. Within these pages is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the magical realm of faeries—from their origins and powers to instructions for creating your own faery garden. An exquisite volume, beautifully bound with a padded cover and lavishly enhanced with original paintings, stage designs, and phantasmagoric ephemera. The popular image of faeryland is that of a magical garden—a miniature paradise that secretly blossoms in the heart of nature. In this captivating book, Beatrice Phillpotts traces the origins of the faery garden as she draws on centuries of folk tales, poetry, and phantasmagoric iconography. Discover the bewitching beauty of these creatures and their twilight world; explore faery rings and other mysterious natural phenomena; and beware the dangers that can befall those who stray unwittingly into faeryland! Here, too, are spells based on the potent magic of flowers and trees, and the secrets of designing a faery grove or cultivating a faery-potions plot—allowing you to make concoctions for healing or magical protection. Best of all, you’ll learn how to plan and plant your own faery garden—the garden that Titania might have enjoyed in Shakespeare’s faery wood in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. For children discovering the pleasures of magical worlds, or for adults who still remember, The Faery Garden is pure enchantment.