The Beginner's Guide to Meditation

The Beginner's Guide to Meditation, by Joan Borysenko. Audio CD. On this CD program, Joan Z. Borysenko leads you through the specifics of three distinct forms of mediation and discusses the common pitfalls that sabotage meditation practice. A pioneer in mind/body medicine, Borysenko discusses the benefits and pitfalls of three types of meditation: concentration, mindfulness and centering prayer. With personal anecdotes and humor, she lets the listener determine which type of meditation is best for him/her. Although she does take the listener through a couple of exercises, the bulk of the tape explains how meditation works on the body. It is a real treat to listen to Borysenko. Her voice is pleasant and upbeat; her remarks are laced with clinical and personal experience. And she has a great laugh! With depth and humor, Joan shows you which form of meditation is best for you, and points out that by making meditation a daily part of your life, better health and peace of mind are just a few breaths away!