The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman: Discover Your Full Desire, Pleasure, and Vitality, By Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D., from Rodale. ISBN 1594860270. The Multi-Orgasmic Woman is a for-women-only, intimate journey into female desire and sexual satisfaction, guided by every woman's dream doctor. With its help, you can not only reach your true sexual potential but also discover a more joyous and healthy way of living in your body. The book begins with a self-assessment to help you discover your own unique sexual potential. It then leads you through a series of exercises that will allow you to experience both multiple orgasms and increased wellness and vibrancy, ending with a life-cycle guide that illustrates the changes in a woman's sexual needs over her lifetime.

The exercises in these pages will help woman who do not orgasm regularly to have them, women who are not multi-orgasmic to become so, and multi-orgasmic women to deepen and intensify their sex lives. This whole-life approach to sexuality will show you that profound sexual fulfillment arises not from the number of orgasms you have, but from allowing your sexual and emotional lives to be a source of infinite joy and boundless vitality. you will realize that your relationship to your body, your desire, and your pleasure are essential to your overall well-being, your satisfaction, and every aspect of your life.

For the millions of women who have never experienced the pulsating pleasures of orgasm, and for the millions who have, The Multi-Orgasmic Woman combines the secrets of ancient Eastern sexual practices with the best of Western sexual knowledge. Women of all ages, whether partnered or not, can benefit from the time-tested exercises in this book and learn how to not only orgasm any time they want -- but to orgasm as many times as they want and to prolong those orgasms into expanded full-body orgasms.

But orgasms are just the beginning. The authors, a Taoist master and a medical doctor, reveal an ancient secret that's only recently gained the support of modern science: we can live truly healthy lives only if we connect to the source of our overall well-bring -- our sexual energy. In step-by-step exercises, the authors guide you in harnessing that sexual energy in a way that nourishes and enriches the rest of your body, your mind, and your soul.

Master Mantak Chia is the world's best-known teacher of the Taoist arts, from Tai Chi to Taoist sexuality. He is the author of the best-sellers The Multi-Orgasmic Man and The Multi-Orgasmic Couple as well as the self-published classics Taoist Secrets of Love and Healing Love through the Tao. He lives in Thailand and teaches in the United States and around the world.

Rachel Carlton Abrams, M.D. is a family practice physician who specializes in complementary medicine as well as women's health and sexuality. The coauthor of The Multi-Orgasmic Couple, she lives in northern California with her husband and three children.