White Feather Speaks

White Feather Speaks, by White Feather As humankind goes through a monumental shift in consciousness, the words of White Feather provide hope and clarity and perspective. Here is a collection of White Feather's early metaphysical writings. Pieces include: Canyon, Joy or Crisis? Body, Mind, Spirit, The Universe and ONE-ness, Creating and the Void, Perceptions of God, The Frequency Dial, Walking Through Subtleties, Feeding Mass Consciousness, On Judgment, The Female Christ Speaks, The Biggest Eye in the Universe, Abundance and Lack, Awakening to a Different World, Simultaneous Selves, Helping Our Selves, Getting Rid of Sticky Goo, Fear of Love, Unconditional Self-Love, Illusions of Separation, Turtle Island Questions, The Lake, Paradigm Peepholes, 837 Lives, & Imprinting with Joy.

Books by White Feather