Quiet Thunder: The Wisdom Of Crazy Horse

Quiet Thunder: The Wisdom Of Crazy Horse, by Joseph Marshall, III. ISBN 1591792460. Audio CD. Joseph Marshall III, authentic Lakota lineage holder, reveals the authentic teachings and wisdom practices handed down by Crazy Horse. In this complete audio learning course, listeners join Marshall to explore: The "call to adventure" we all share; The four central leadership teachings of Crazy Horse, and how to embody them; "Thunderbeings" and Crazy Horse’s life-changing vision, and more. In his career Joseph Marshall III has been a teacher at the high school and college levels, an educational and health programs administrator for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, a craftsman of primitive Lakota bows and arrows, an historian, and a writer. He has helped to form a non-profit advocacy group for Native American students and parents, develop and implement Native American studies curriculum, spearhead the planning and design phase for the eventual construction of a hospital, as well as serve as a founder and charter board member of Sinte Gleska University. As a writer he is doing that which he enjoys most professionally. Joseph has published six books. In addition, he has been a contributing writer to four other publications. All of his work has won critical acclaim. His fifth book - The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living - was a finalist in the spiritual category for the prestigious Books for a Better Life Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of New York. It was also a finalist in the creative non-fiction category for the PEN CENTER USA award. The Lakota Way received excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and The Library Journal.
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